Sounds like America

Charles Gerard. Conn was the patriarch of musical instrument manufacturing in Elkhart, Indiana. In 1873, following a bar fight brawl that resulted in a split lip, C.G. Conn developed a brass mouthpiece with a rubber rim. Conn, converted an old sewing machine to a lathe and set-up a shop building these mouthpieces. In 1875, a French instrument maker named Dupont began repairing instruments in Conn’s shop. After watching him work for a few days, Conn believed he could build his own instrument. In that same year, Colonel Conn would build the first American made cornet. By 1879, Conn moved operations into larger quarters and began making other instruments. In 1880, the town of Elkhart, Indiana became so enamored with C.G. Conn that they elected him Mayor. By 1893 his instruments were accorded the highest honors in the World’s Columbia Exposition in Chicago.

Today, C.G. Conn Instruments standing for high quality american made brass instruments. The history shows the long periode of making experiences and getting better.

But the main effort based on passion and love for music. Play and you will hear it!